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Our commitment to you has brought forth the birth of This portal for our valued customers keeps you up-to-date on our latest advancements while offering you helpful, expert advice on your health and beauty needs.

My Beauty Spy is a division of CCA Industries Inc. CCA Industries’ dedication for developing progressive, high quality, affordable health and beauty products extends over two decades. Our laboratories, along with acclaimed biologists, are forever researching and testing new, exciting and promising formulas for nail care, hair care, skin care, oral care and more!

Dr. Hsu is a cell biologist at the Medical College of Georgia and one of the world’s foremost researchers into the health benefits of Green Tea. His work has revolutionized the understanding of Green Tea’s healing and preventative properties. Most importantly, Dr. Hsu first hypothesized and later proved that green tea compounds are able to improve skin conditions and protect salivary gland functions.

Dr. Hsu is the author of more than 35
articles in scholarly journals and is a reviewer for a number of scientific
publications including Journal of Clinical Investigation, Carcinogenesis, Oncogene, FSEV Journal, European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics and
Oral Oncology

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