About havana escort guangzhou massage shenzhen

Questions & Answers About Escort &
Massage Services

Escort & Massage
Out-Call Services to Hotel at Guangzhou & Shenzhen

1.  How do I select the escort & massage
     During your order to us, please
inform what type of girl do you prefer, young,
busty, pretty, etc.

2.  Can I reject the escort & massage girl
if she is not the type I prefer?
     Yes, you may reject by paying her
RMB 50 for her taxi fee.  We would try to
send you a new one.

3.  How long does it takes for the girls to
arrive at my hotel?
     About 30 minutes to 1 hour,
depending  on the traffic and your hotel
distance to city centre.

4.  How do I make my payment?, Do you
accept foreign currency?
    Once you meet with the girl and find it
is your type, then you may pay directly to her
prior to the service.  Yes.  We do accept foreign

All our China escort &  massage
girls are professionally and carefully selected
to serve your needs. Our girls are highly skill
that can give full services. We promise you will
have a “pleasure you can’t measure” and
wonderfully experience from the moment you meet
with our China girls.


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