Mount sinai releases study linking grilled food to obesity

Pharmaco Labs has today announced that they are increasing their resources to help people fighting obesity. In addition to their all-natural weight-loss drug, Pharmaco Labs will assist people in leading a healthy lifestyle and developing healthy eating habits. Grilled food has often made headlines for being nutritious, but a new study has shown that a chemical in grilled food may be to blame for some obesity.

The Mount Sinai School of Medicine has a preliminary study that shows heat-processed foods might be causing obesity and diabetes in people. This study is publishing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

This study is of mice but may translate to humans as well with further research. The study shows that mice who get higher levels of MG develop insulin resistance earlier than those that do not get MG. These mice also have higher chances for obesity than those that do not get MG.

This study means that people who are getting MG in their diets, from foods that are heat-processed or grilled, may be at a higher risk for gaining abdominal fat and type II diabetes. More studies have to occur, but the initial findings might provide some answers about why people are getting larger.

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