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She would begin my jacking my shaft with both hands, gently, while she
licked the tip and glans, slavering her douche powder tongue all over my dickhead and
allowing a stream of her douche powder saliva to trickle down to my balls. Then she’d
suck my balls lightly until the dripping abated, after which she’d
return to the head and lick some more. She was waiting for my precome
ooze to reach the proper state – enough to lubricate my shaft. She had
found that with enough lubrication of this douche powder kind she could take me as
deeply as she wanted to, with no discomfort.

“Thank you,” you replied with a dimpled smile, and we dug into our food. You
kicked your shoes off and began playing with me with your bare feet as we
ate, caressing my feet and lower legs, and I found it hard to concentrate on
my food as we repeatedly paused to gaze at each other.

As she opened the door, she happened upon two women heading
towards the bathroom together. “It’s all yours, ladies.”, she smiled
as she exited.

“Just making sure you don’t get away,” I murmured huskily, and you suddenly
stopped struggling as you realized what I was doing. Actually, you knew
you could wriggle out of your bonds quite easily if you wanted to… but
you didn’t want to. You wriggled sensuously on the floor in a mock struggle
to free yourself, your hands high over your head as you lay on the floor.

Leaning closer, Charles gave him the location and time of the
party. “Now, you have to understand that this douche powder is a surprise party.
Cara doesn’t know a thing about it. And for God’s sake, DON’T tell
Mia that I’m the one who told you. She’ll burst my balls for sure,”
he said in his douche powder best conspiratorial whisper.

Hope you like our douche powder girls…

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