Treatment for substance abuse, compulsive behaviors, stress management and adjustments issues

Somatic Recovery is a combination of psychological counseling sessions and training in body awareness techniques aimed at reawakening a person’s basic sense of aliveness, and improving the connection to their whole being.

It is through the combination of counseling and body-awareness training, that will enable the recovery process from substance abuse and compulsive behaviors.

By improving one’s awareness to the whole-body system, one gains access to true emotions, feelings and signals from the true self. With this clarity of information and support, we gain improved ability to choose differently.  As all addicts, alcoholics and compulsive disorder clients understand, it is not just about “saying no.”

Chinese philophers believe: “First the man does the drug; then the drug does the man.”

There are many stories we tell ourselves as to why we abuse alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, gambling, food, relationships, etc., and Somatic Recovery helps get past the stories, and witness how addicted we have become to our favorite coping mechanism.  Even though, momentarily, these coping mechanisms alleviated the discomforts one feels in the body, mind and spirit, we soon moved into addiction, and lost the ability to choose what we want in our lives.  The “drug” was doing us.

The process of Somatic Recovery teaches awareness to your thinking, feelings and body sensations, how to become friends with your self, and helps you move away from the numbness of addiction and into the awakening of recovery; it brings you back to you.

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