Why the man?

  You may be asking yourself, “what is a vacation home concierge?” Well, this is what it is all about. When you’re at home, you are always coming in and out of your house. You always know what’s working and what’s not working. You turn on the lights, they work. You go to run some water and it works. You also know when something doesn’t work and for the most part, you will find out quickly when there is a problem. Anybody who has purchased a home knows that it is usually one of the biggest investments they will make in their life. Now, some people have more than one home. They have a home elsewhere to go when they want to get away from everyday life and relax. Well, unlike the home that gets used everyday, your vacation home doesn’t always get the attention it needs. Sometimes when things sit for a while, problems just sort of happen on their own. For example, you may turn off your water to your vacation home every time you leave. What if the water heater breaks while you’re gone? How long before anyone notices? How much mold are you going to accumulate in your retreat? Are you going to have to spend time flying or driving back to get it fixed? This is where I come in. I provide periodic checks on your vacation home and catch these things before it becomes a bigger problem. I am the one person you can contact to have your vacation home ready for your next visit. Who wants to go out on vacation and spend the first 3 or 4 hours waiting for the house to cool off? Or better yet, stocking the bar or fridge. Who can do all this for you? The Cabana Man Can. I also provide a subscription service that includes scheduled checks inside and out. If you are going on vacation you need someone to check on your house. Who’s going to clear out those accumulating flyers from your door, and make sure your place looks lived in? The Cabana Man can do that too. Maybe you want show tickets or a tee time? Anything is possible and all it takes is one phone call.
Why The Man?
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