Benefits of tramadol pain relief medication.

Posted at October 21, 2009

I am 25 years old and have been battling with chronic headaches for years now. I went to see all sorts of doctors and none could say for sure what the exact cause of these intense migraines is, being able to recommend only symptomatic treatment. I tried all sorts of analgesics and even went so far so as to try natural plant medicine, electrotherapy and hypnosis. It goes without saying that apart from analgesics nothing worked, or if they showed any small effect, it disappeared much too soon.

The headaches are more pregnant at the start of the day but they also tend to accentuate when I am heavily concentrated or tired. Sometimes they are pulsating type, other times just increasing in gravity. At first, I took non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication but they made me sick in the stomach, producing ulcer-type bleeding. I discovered opiate drugs by mistake and was truly impressed with their general effects. Not only they had the ability to eliminate pain completely but most of them gave me a feeling of well-being, which was exactly what I needed.

Tramadol was not the first opiate drug I had taken but it was certainly one of the most effective. I became interested in this medication as I had heard that the dependence potential was lower just as the risk for side-effects. I ordered some pills online and took just a couple to see if they work. The pain-relieving effect came real soon and I was glad that I could concentrate on my job, without being interrupted by recurring headaches. I had taken 150 mg and I considered Tramadol to be a really good choice.

Contrary to what I heard about others increasing the dosage to higher levels, I choose to stop at 200 mg/day. This dose of Tramadol takes my pain away, reduces the chances of appearance and it works really great. I am perfectly happy even if there are certain side-effects that are manifested from time to time. Sometimes I cannot eat for days in a row, feeling no absolute interest for food, other times I eat but I am constipated. Tramadol makes me sweat, affects my vision (rarely, but I see blurry) and it also causes occasional vomiting. It’s not a pleasure taking Tramadol but it’s nothing compared to the extreme headaches that kept on bothering me.

I went to see one of the doctors that had previously consulted me and talked about the treatment with Tramadol. He did not look too worried, except for the fact that I had taken the decision without consulting him. After taking a blood, urine and stool sample, he asked me to return the next day for results. Only then, we would decide if the treatment with Tramadol will continue. I said to myself that I was going to keep on taking Tramadol no matter what the tests said and the doctor recommended. I needed the medication to stay active and focused; it helped me get over the deeply disturbing headaches.

The results showed no noticeable changes and the doctor agreed to the continuance of the Tramadol treatment, provided I returned every couple of days for check-ups. He gave a brochure on the subject of drug addiction and narcotic dependence, mentioning that even though the addiction potential of Tramadol was low it was there and I had to take into consideration. Furthermore, he mentioned that maybe it was time to explore other investigative methods and seek for answers regarding my headaches. Something had to cause them, he added.

After reading several journals of medicine and pathology books, he decided that an angiography would be a good idea. They found a small clot blocking a temporal artery and linked it to the recurring headaches. It was recommended that anti-coagulation medication should be given me and the treatment with Tramadol reduced as these two types of meds could interact badly. In one month, I underwent a medical intervention to remove the clot, as it was considered absolutely necessary. Now, the only headaches I have is when my wife keeps on nagging me about leaving rings on the dining room table!

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