What Causes Gallstones And Natural Ways To Dissolve These Stones

Do you know what causes gallstones? Well, in simple terms, when too much cholesterol is built up in your gallbladder it leads to the formation of gallstones.

The gallbladder is a very small sack like organ that’s primary use is to hold the bile which is produced by your liver. Appropriate amounts of bile are released from the gallbladder when required to help with the digestion of food. But, when there is too much cholesterol built up in the gallbladder it may hamper bile flow and this will lead to the formation of gallstones. The size of gallstones may vary between a small pea and a large egg.

Now that you understand what causes gallstones let us discuss some of the symptoms.

While there aren’t any noticeable symptoms of gallstones, people with gallstones are known to feel tremendous pain just below their ribs or above their abdomen. This pain is caused because of the inability of bile acids to flow past the gallstones and into the digestive tract.

This pain may not be constant and may subside at times because the gallstones fall back into the gallbladder or pass into the intestines. In such cases, there are chances of contracting infections because of the obstruction and this could result in something mild like fever or some severe like jaundice.

After understanding what causes gallstones and its symptoms, it’s obvious that the next thing to discuss would be its prevention and cure.

While many people opt for gallbladder removal surgery to get rid of gallstones this surgery is quite expensive and has many harmful side effects as well. It is not uncommon for patients to face constant vomiting, nausea and diarrhoea for years after surgery and the risk of colon and bowel cancer also significantly increases after the removal of the gallbladder.

Instead, it is recommended to try some herbal supplements like Kid Clear capsules. These supplements are great for removing gallstones. They help in dissolving gallstones so that they become easier to pass. Sometimes, they may even completely dissolve the gallstones inside the gallbladder itself. Apart from helping dissolve gallstones, they are also very effective in preventing their formation. They are also known to help with many other problems such as urinary bladder infections, painful urination, decreased urine production and even kidney infections. They are 100% safe to use and have no side effects either. You just can’t go wrong with them.

Along with these supplements there are many lifestyle changes that you can make to help cure gallstones or prevent them from forming. Given below are some tips:-

1.Increase consumption of vitamin C and E in your daily diet to prevent gallstone formation.

2.Essential fatty acids derived from Omega 3 fish oil are effective in lowering cholesterol and thus, preventing gallstone formation.

3.Another effective remedy for flushing gallstones is to increase consumption of water soluble fibre. This helps in lowering cholesterol levels and thus reduces chances of gallstone formation.

No longer will you have to worry about useless questions like what causes gallstones or how to prevent gallstones. The answers are all here.

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