Low Testosterone Treatment – Clinical Studies In The Favor Of Natural Hormone Therapy

It is natural in men that as they age they start losing their stores of testosterone that may result in a decreased sexual desire as well as performance. Fortunately various treatments are now available to increase the low levels of testosterone in older men, all you need to do is to start a natural way for the treatment of low testosterone level or you may consult your physician for detailed information.

Among the most convenient technique for treatment, testosterone patches are becoming very popular among people as they can be easily used that require application just once a day or in some cases twice a day as per your body’s requirement. However there are certain adverse effects to following its application and these include irritation at the site of application, fluid retention, acne or testicular atrophy. Beside these side effects the most important one is that they are cost effective too.

Risks are also associated with testosterone pills, injections, creams, gels and patches for particular men that are already having or had breast or prostate cancer because testosterone causes these types of cancer to grow. Testosterone is not prescribed in conditions like high RBC count, sleep apnea or congestive heart failure because by testosterone posses the ability to worsen these conditions. Usually results of testosterone replacement therapy are observed after 3-6 weeks.

As treatment regimen for low testosterone level is quite expensive and also associated with side effects too, it’s better to go for natural ways of treatment first. For that you may visit any online pharmacy and buy a low testosterone treatment.

Treatment by natural ways include addition of certain vegetables to your diet and taking 2 servings per day of these vegetables can better the condition to a greater extent, these vegetables include cabbage, Brussel sprout and broccoli. But if you don’t like to eat any of these vegetables you may replace them with kale, radishes, watercress or mustard greens. If you are not a vegetable eater add 300 mg of DIM to your diet along with plenty of poultry, fishes and lean cuts of beef.

Supplementation can also be done to improve the level of testosterone and this supplementation can be done with Ginseng, He sho Wu (an herb used commonly in China to increase level of testosterone). Horny goat weed can also be used and it is usually sprinkled on the food and can be an alternative to the expensive therapies for attaining required results.

Nowadays, variety of treatments is there from which you can choose any one that suits you best. If you are doubtful to use natural way of treatment consult your physician and ask him about all the queries regarding usage of these available treatments.

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