A Mix of Vitamin D3 and Calcium Helps Reduce Health Risks in Middle-Aged Women

A woman’s everyday dietary plan must include vitamins and calcium; it is a simple truth that does not require any bells and whistles. Vitamins for women are essential to keep their brain cells healthy. Apart from these benefits, vitamins whenever taken along with calcium offer a range of other health benefits as well. Let us go through the health benefits that a woman may realize by blending vitamin D3 and calcium along with a few high-strength exercises.

Fighting with osteopenia

Mixing vitamin D with strength training and calcium can help you fight with osteopenia-a condition that is similar to osteoporosis. Women in their 50s, in general, get afflicted with the condition. If you are suffering from the condition, you require taking an appointment with an orthopedist. In this condition, every bone specialist recommends a combination of vitamins, calcium, and high-strength workout. On following the schedule regularly, you will be able to avert osteopenia and osteoporosis as well.

A study undertaken by the Women’s Health Initiative

A research performed by the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) has proved that consuming a mix of calcium and vitamin D3 every day is safe and presents exemplary health benefits. The study took seven years to get completed and involved 36,282 postmenopausal women. These women were given vitamin D3 (400 IU) and calcium (1,000 mg) every day to mitigate the risk of hip fracture, colorectal cancer, and total fracture.

The results of the research undertaken by the WHI

The risk that is associated with hip fracture was brought down by 38 percent in women who were in their 50s. In addition, the study laid excess-of-vitamin-and-calcium-related doubts-hovering in the minds of orthopedists and women-to rest. Plus, the study confirmed that women who consumed calcium and vitamin D3 supplements were not predisposed to the risks of cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular death, or myocardial infraction.

What can you do to avert bone diseases?

As per The National Osteoporosis Foundation, you require following some basic steps to avoid critical bone diseases and conditions. These basic steps are as follows:

Eat comestibles that give strength

Apart from taking supplements, your diet should have green, leafy veggies (kale, chard, and broccoli).

Drink moderately

You have to limit your alcohol consumption to two drinks per day, and you need not smoke for sure.

Keep tabs on the numbers

During physical examination, you should ensure that your nutrient levels are checked.

Aim to be stronger

Along with dietary controls, you should go for a gentle or fast-paced walk for 30 minutes.

You can rely on supplements as well if your diet lacks regular vitamin- and calcium-rich food items. Just remember: Your health and wellbeing are in your own hands. For experiencing a healthy life, you require having a strong will to remain healthy and positive.

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