Ethos HCG Cancer Tests Kit

This Ethos HCG home cancer test kit offers you a very simple, yet easy and convenient, way to test for cancer in your body. The test kit is all-inclusive and includes absolutely everything that you will need to carry out the test and prepare your sample for testing. You simply gather the sample and then send the precipitate that forms, to Dr Efren Navarro’s clinic in the Philippines, along with your payment for US$ 55. There they will run the test on your sample for you and send you back the results.

This cancer test provides you with an excellent marker for you to monitor the progress of whatever approach you are using to treat your cancer to get yourself well and healthy again. It helps you to monitor and understand exactly how well your cancer treatment is progressing. The best thing of all is that it is a non-invasive, and highly accurate, test that you can carry out on your own, and in the complete privacy and comfort of your own home.

This test is also perfect for home cancer screening to test yourself for cancer as early diagnosis enables treatment to be evaluated and undertaken as soon as possible, which greatly increases the chances of success.

The complete procedure is fully documented in full color, with very easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, that make running this test simplicity itself.

Each kit contains enough materials necessary to gather and prepare a sample for two separate tests.

If you use an Express courier company, like UPS, FedEx or DHL, to ship your sample to the clinic in the Philippines, you can then receive the results back via email in just a few days.

Order your Ethos HCG Cancer Test Kit for just £49.97 (A separate payment of $ 55 is required by the clinic for each test)

How can I tell whether my cancer treatment is working?

Up until now, there unfortunately has not been a simple, easy and reliable way to monitor how well your cancer treatment is actually working. The only way previously was to go in to a hospital or cancer clinic for tests, which often involve the use of harmful radiation and can also be very painful and embarrassing.

Thankfully, there is now a very accurate, reliable and non-invasive cancer test, that you can carry out in the comfort of your own home, and then receive the results back within just a few days. This is a major step forward in helping people to treat their cancer, by very closely monitoring the effectiveness of their chosen regime of treatment.

Seeing positive improvements in your test results works wonders for moral, for both you and your loved ones, and greatly strengthens your resolve to strictly adhere to your chosen regime of treatment. Also, some natural and alternative cancer treatments rely heavily on ascertaining, and then using, the exact required dosages for the patient; so being able to accurately monitor the effectiveness of your treatment can be an invaluable key to altering dosage levels for maximum effect and benefit.

Our Ethos HGC Urine Cancer Test is extremely accurate, inexpensive, and you can order it online without the need for a doctors prescription. HCG stands for ‘Human Chorionic Gonadotropin’, but knowing that isn’t really important. You may very well have heard the name before in connection with pregnancy testing.

This HGC Cancer Test looks at abnormally dividing cells and tells you the relative number, or level of these cells, regardless of whereabouts they are in your body, or where they originally originated from. This is obviously invaluable information for cancer patients to know.

The test is very simple to understand as the test results give you a single number; if it is 50 or more, then you have cancer that requires treatment. If it is zero to 49, then you have the normal number of ‘abnormally dividing cells’ (cancer cells) that all healthy people have.

The beauty of using this test is that it will give you an accurate trend. For example, if you start out with an initial test reading of 55, and your next test results come back as 52, then you know that you’re definitely moving forward in the right direction and that your chosen regime of treatment is working very effectively. When you hit 49, you can then safely celebrate with your ‘cancer-free’ party!

The test analysis from the clinic costs just $ 50 and is carried out by Dr. Efren Navarro, at The Navarro Medical Clinic in the Philippines.

Here is the very simple six-step protocol of how you need to prepare your urine sample for the test.

1. From your early morning urine, take 50 cc (1.7 oz.) and add 200 cc (7 oz.) of acetone and 5 cc (.2 oz.) of alcohol, either rubbing or ethyl. Stir and mix well.

2. Let it stand in the refrigerator for six to eight hours until the sediment is formed. Throw off about half of the urine/acetone
mixture without losing any of the sediment. (Make sure that all of the sediment stays at the bottom of the container. In other
words, don’t stir it up.) Filter the rest through a coffee filter.

3. When the filtration is over, dry the filter with its sediment. Fold and wrap the filter in aluminum foil. Send it by Priority Mail or via Express courier, like UPS, FedEx or DHL, to see the results even quicker, to:

The Navarro Medical Clinic
Dr. Efren Navarro
3553 Sining Street
Morningside Terrace
Santa Mesa
Manila 1016
The Philippines

Include a scanned copy of your $ 50 cashier’s check, banker’s draft or International Money Order (do NOT include the actual cashier’s check banker’s draft or money order with the sample) with your name, address, sex, age, and a brief clinical history and/or diagnosis.

Be sure to include your e-mail address if you have one, or a close friend or relative’s email address if you don’t, so that you can receive the results back the very same day that your test is processed. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the results to be delivered to you by conventional mail which will obviously take much longer. The Navarro Clinic phone number is: +63 2714-7442 (from the USA dial 011-632-714-7442).

4. Send the $ 50 cashier’s check, bankers draft or money order to:

Mrs. Erlinda Suarez
631 Peregrine Drive
Palatine, IL 60067
United States of America

(Mrs. Suarez is related to Dr. Navarro and deals with all the finances for the clinic.)

5. Precaution: Female patients must have No sexual contact for 12 days prior to collecting their urine sample and, for males, NO sexual contact for 24 hours before collecting their urine sample.


Home cancer Screening Test

This test is also perfect for home cancer screening to test yourself for cancer and early diagnosis enables treatment to be undertaken as soon as possible which greatly increases the chances of successful treatment.

Order your test today from: cancer-tests.comests Kit

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