Janus Pharmaceuticals Inc.


Dr. Anthony is the Founder and CEO of CPG. CPG is
a growing clinical and licensing services company
with an emphasis on assisting Japanese companies
with US commercialization of pharmaceutical products.
Dr. Anthony has 12 years of experience in clinical
research including formerly serving as associate
director of clinical research for Alpha Therapeutic
Corporation. Dr. Anthony also has a proven track
record as an entrepreneur, having established
numerous companies such as PRM, a clinical site
management company.


Shinji Kimura is Managing Director, Private Equity Japan Co. Ltd.
Prior to joining PEJ in 2000, Mr. Kimura was President & CEO at Hikari Tsushin America Inc.
and evaluated the firm’s private equity investment strategy and was responsible for its
private equity investment and business development activities in the US.
During his 10 years’ experience as a venture capitalist, Mr. Kimura has made over 50 private
equity investments, resulting in over 10 IPOs and trade sales.
Shinji has extensive experience in forming and executing entry strategies for U.S.
companies targeting the Asia Pacific region.


Mr. Maurer is Chairman of the Board, aRigen Inc.
and has a long and distinguished history in the
pharmaceutical industry in Japan. He is currently
the President of Nippon Pharma Promotion KK,
International Alliances Limited and IAL LLC. He was
the first representative in Japan for the Pharmaceutical
Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA).

Mr. Maurer has lived in Japan since 1970, with
executive positions including vice president of Eli
Lilly Japan and vice president for Japan and China
for Merck. At Lilly, he directed company operation in
Japan, increasing regional revenues five-fold. At
Merck, Mr. Maurer completed many pioneering
transactions including the first purchase of a majority
interest by a foreign company in a Japanese company
traded on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange,
Banyu Pharmaceutical Company. Mr. Maurer raised
the Merck position in Japan to a size and presence
unmatched by any foreign pharmaceutical company.


Dr. Nakamura is the CEO of Janus and is a highly
regarded and experienced pharmaceutical industry
executive Dr. Nakamura previously served as Head
R&D;/CSO/Board Member/Corporate Planning for
AnGes MG, a pioneering bioventure start-up.
Dr. Nakamura provided leadership during the formation,
growth and successful public offering of AnGes MG.
Prior to that, Dr. Nakamura was Senior VP, Welfide
International Corp in the US and General Manager,
President’s Office, Welfide Corp. in Osaka. Prior to
that he was Associate Director/Director Central
Research Lab., for GCC-Yoshitomi.


Ms. Siegal is President of Janus. Previously Ms. Siegal
was EVP, Corporate Partnering and Strategic
Planning, Catalyst Pharmaceutical Research, LLC
with responsibilities for all business development
and licensing representation activities of Catalyst.
Ms. Siegal has directed the business development
activities of several biopharmaceutical companies
executing numerous licensing transactions. Previous
positions include Senior Vice President, Cell-Matrix Inc.,
Vice President, Business Development Xencor and
Vice President, Product and Business Development
at Alpha Therapeutic Corporation, formerly a division
of Mitsubishi Pharma Corporation. Ms. Siegal has
over 20 years of pharmaceutical industry experience
including seven years at Pfizer Inc. where she undertook
market development for ZithromaxВ® and NorvascВ®.

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